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Signs are that vet business is improving

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By Josh Loeb

Vet practices are well placed to weather the coming economic storm – if they can adapt to cater for changed customer behaviour and the continuation of some social distancing measures.

That was the message from a number of market specialists who spoke to Vet Record this week as pandemic-related restrictions were further eased and practices saw business returning.

Vet Record understands that in the small animal sector many practices are now reporting turnover above 80 per cent of pre-pandemic levels. At the height of lockdown, survey data suggested that vet business was down to just 20 per cent of what it would normally have been.

The RCVS will shortly report the findings from its latest Covid-19 survey but preliminary results point to an ‘improving picture’ (see box). Veterinary business consultant Pete Orpin, the Society of Practising Veterinary Surgeons’ Covid-19 lead, said: ‘We’re in a transition phase. At this immediate moment there are some practices that are now back to high levels of turnover. Some are even back at the same level as pre-pandemic.’

Vet surveys reveal an improving picture

Industry surveys are beginning to show more confidence in recovery as Covid-19 restrictions lift.

The RCVS will shortly publish results from its latest survey on how the profession is coping. Preliminary results show an improving picture. While the impact of the pandemic on veterinary business remains significant, they are starting to increase the caseload they take on, practice turnover is improving, and fewer veterinary …

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