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Finding solace in nature
  1. John E Cooper, veterinarian,
  2. Margaret E Cooper, solicitor and
  3. Simon H King, naturalist
  1. Wildlife Health Services, Norfolk PE32 1JQ
  2. John E Haith Ltd, Grimsby, Lincolnshire DN37 9TU
  1. email: thefrightenedfaceofnature{at}

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We enjoyed reading the piece ‘How are vets finding solace in nature?’ by Laura Higham (VR, 16/23 May 2020, vol 186, pp 516-517). She suggests that vets already have an understanding of the benefits of engaging with animals and the natural world.

Such thinking is also applicable to many clients whose lives are affected by the Covid-19 lockdown, especially older people who have limited mobility yet yearn for more stimulation from outside the confines of their home. With this in mind, in March, at the start of the isolation period, we launched the Armchair Naturalist project (

Related to this are the FFON (Frightened Face of Nature) blog and fortnightly podcast (, which are for easy-going naturalists and encourage readers to stay connected to the natural world. When the lockdown commenced, we found ourselves in a good position to encourage readers to continue to find solace in nature, even from the comfort of an armchair. The FFON audience spans more than 40 countries and the response from readers and contributors, including vets and animal owners, has been heart-warming.

Finding solace in nature during lockdown

We invite vets to help draw further attention to the beauty and tranquillity of the natural world

We invite veterinary surgeons and nurses not only to enjoy the Armchair Naturalist posts but to draw the blog and podcast to the attention of clients, especially those isolated at home. Contributions are always welcome, to help draw further attention to the beauty and tranquillity of the natural world.

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