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Donkey hoof science and lameness resource

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A new, freely accessible index of resources on donkey hoof science and lameness is now available to anyone interested in improving donkey welfare.

HoofSearch has launched an online resource that gives access to peer-reviewed articles compiled in an interactive reference index.

Lameness is a major welfare concern in many of the world’s 44 million donkeys. Most do not see a vet regularly and often have problems with their feet or lower limbs.

Index compiler Fran Jurga says the resources provided by HoofSearch are intended to help vets, farriers, equine health professionals, welfare charities, rescue sanctuary caregivers, educators and students wanting to advance hoof health and welfare.

The interactive index directs users to newly published articles on donkey hooves, including research on facial pain expression and ‘immersion foot syndrome’.

It can be accessed at and offers the user a Google Doc containing research references that are connected to live links. The live links allow the user to read the abstracts or download full articles.

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