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How will vets work with farmers post Covid?

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How farm clients will want to work with vets after Covid-19 is the subject of a new online survey.

Recognising that routine visits, practice meetings, herd and flock health planning sessions, and farming shows and exhibitions are all on hold, Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health has launched FarmComm to find out how farmers want to access veterinary services in the future.

The survey has 10 questions for farmers about their set up and views towards veterinary treatment during the pandemic. It acknowledges that farming relies on close contact between farmers and their advisers and that without this, businesses may struggle at a time when they can least afford to.

Senior brand manager Mat Yarnall said: ‘The study is striving to understand what methods of working going forward may work, what won’t work and how people want to work.’

The company’s aim is for the survey to reach as many UK farmers as possible. It encourages vets to ask their clients to take part in the survey, which can be accessed at:

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