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Dechra Veterinary Products has launched Laxatract, the UK’s first veterinary-licensed lactulose oral syrup to tackle constipation in cats and dogs. The recommended dose is 0.6 ml/kg bodyweight per day, and two to three days of treatment may be necessary. It is available in a 50 ml bottle complete with a 5 ml syringe for easy administration. Laxatract can be mixed with food or given directly into the mouth.

Animalcare has launched Equizol, the UK’s first omeprazole granule treatment for gastric ulcers in horses. Equizol is apple flavoured and comes in packs of 28 sachets, each containing sufficient omeprazole to treat 200 kg bodyweight. Owners simply mix the appropriate number of sachets into a small amount of the horse’s feed.

Specialty ingredients company Seppic has added Montanide TM ISA 78 VG to its range of oily adjuvants. The new product supports the use of effective and safe vaccines to control disease in poultry farming and contributes to public health with the control of zoonotic diseases, the company says.

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