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Government advice needed on TB testing during Covid-19 outbreak
  1. Andrew Biggs, cattle practitioner
  1. The Vale Veterinary Group, Tiverton, Devon EX16 4LF
  1. email: andy{at}

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I write after waiting for weeks for some coherent advice on safeguarding operators during the process of TB testing cattle during the Covid-19 outbreak. It angers me that we have some advice saying ‘please keep testing unless you feel unsafe’ and other advice saying ‘do not test unless you feel it is safe to do so’. Our veterinary associations, while working hard behind the scenes, can only give us advice and interpretations of the APHA guidance notes.

Testing youngstock that require manual restraint, as many do, means that social distancing of 2 m is impossible. Having waited in vain for some coherent advice, in our practice, we took our own decisions to safeguard both our official veterinarians (OVs) performing TB testing and our farmer clients.

Our …

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