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In other Covid-19 news

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• UK zoos, which have now closed to the public, are taking extra precautions to protect great apes in their collections from contamination by keepers, the president of the British Veterinary Zoological Society has said.

Peter Kettlewell told Vet Record that, in addition to normal precautions in place before the pandemic, keepers were now wearing masks and gloves and were ‘being super vigilant about anyone who has been in contact with Covid-19 working with the great apes’. He added: ‘There is actually no evidence that this virus is transmissible to chimps or other great apes, but they are being cautious.’

• Earlier this month a four-year-old female Malayan tiger at the Bronx Zoo in New York tested positive for the Covid-19. The tiger, along with six other big cats, is thought to have been infected by an asymptomatic zoo keeper.

• During the Covid-19 outbreak, Vet Record will be published fortnightly in print, with more content online. There will be no reduction in the quality of news, research and other content. It is possible that some online articles may slightly differ to print versions. The BVA made the decision this week, saying the only change would be that members can expect the journal every fortnight rather than weekly and online content would be updated more frequently.

• The Veterinary Management Group (VMG) is pausing subscription renewals for three months and is offering everyone in the veterinary sector the opportunity to join the association free of charge for three months.

The VMG supports those working in leadership and management roles in the veterinary sector.

Members benefit from a range of online resources, including Practice Standards Scheme templates, a webinar library and study materials for the certificate in veterinary practice management.

To take advantage of the free membership offer, visit

• More veterinary conferences have been cancelled, including the Vet Festival 2020 (which was due to take place 5–6 June) and the Animal Welfare Foundation discussion forum (which was due to take place 8 June). Organisers have been in touch with delegates about their options.

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