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Do rescue dogs’ online profile pictures affect adoption speed?

M. Nakamura, N. Dhand, B. J. Wilson and others

Animals (2020) 10

doi: 10.3390/ani10010152

• What did the research find?

The photographic attributes associated with the shortest length of stay were mouths closed, a black coat colour, floppy ears and being photographed in a kennel environment. Erect ears and being photographed outside were associated with the longest stays. Professional quality photographs and the presence of an accessory in the photograph were both associated with a significantly longer than average length of stay.

• How was it conducted?

The online profile photographs of all Staffordshire bull terriers, Labrador retrievers and Jack Russell terriers that were listed on the PetRescue website between 2004 and 2013 were examined. Attributes noted for each photograph included ear placement, coat colour and pattern, facial markings, whether the mouth was open, visibility of the sclera, the background of the photograph, whether any accessories were visible and the quality of the photograph. Linear models were then used to evaluate any correlation between these variables and dogs’ length of …

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