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Labour unveils its vision for animal welfare

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By Josh Loeb

Labour has published an animal welfare manifesto, the party’s first wide-ranging review of the issue.

The document sets out 50 action points, including a pledge to appoint a dedicated animal welfare commissioner to ensure government policy is ‘continually informed’ by animal sentience and best animal welfare practice.

Labour has committed to banning animal testing and the keeping of pet primates

Among other commitments, the party says it will enshrine the principle of animal sentience in law, end live exports, introduce a ban on the ‘use of cages’ on British farms as well as a ‘phased’ ban on the use of sow farrowing crates (see box).

Other key policies outlined in Labour’s manifesto include:

  • Banning the keeping of and trade in pet primates

  • Introducing mandatory microchipping of cats

  • Ensuring that private tenants can keep pets ‘as a default’ unless there is evidence that the animal is causing a …

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