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An end to animal testing – is Labour serious?
  1. Josh Loeb

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With talk of a general election looming, it is incumbent on parties to publish their programmes for government, including animal welfare plans. These will hopefully be coherent, but we’ll see (Vet Record plans to scrutinise such plans as and when they’re published).

First out of the traps in terms of animal welfare is Labour. The party has already published a special manifesto setting out what it intends to do for animals (see p 248).

Some of its policies appear uncontroversial. Its proposed ban on the keeping of primates as pets echoes noises made by the Conservatives. Labour’s commitment to enshrining into law animal sentience is, on paper at least, also shared by the current government. Other policies include wanting to ban live exports and preventing landlords from restricting tenants from keeping pets.

Labour …

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