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The point of a bullet journal
  1. Alexia Yiannouli


Bullet journaling – described by its creator as ‘mindfulness disguised as productivity’ – has grown in popularity in recent years. For vet student Alexia Yiannouli, it’s a way to express creativity and escape from pressure while also getting organised. Here she explains more.

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Alexia Yiannouli is a fifth-year veterinary student at the University of Surrey, where she co-edits the student newsletter

It’s been four years since I started my first bullet journal, after initially seeing the idea on Pinterest. Today it contains nothing short of my entire life and offers a regular and much-welcomed creative outlet from vet school.

Ryder Carroll, a digital product designer, invented the bullet journal concept as a way of ‘denying digitalisation’. He describes it as ‘mindfulness disguised as productivity’, with the focus being on how to live a more intentional life.

A bullet journal can be whatever you want it to be

A bullet journal can be whatever you want it to be; you can log your appointments, your ‘to do’ lists, your goals. But it’s more than just a journal – it’s a methodology to help you focus on the practicalities of daily life, while also reflecting on the more meaningful aspects.

I have adapted the method so that it allows me to express my creativity; I can methodically plan out what I need to do on a daily basis without it feeling overwhelming. Everything I need to remember is in one place that is easy to navigate.

A bullet journal can – and should – be a paper reflection of your life and your personality; you can choose to make it as creative or as minimalist as you like. Although I enjoy spending time making mine aesthetically pleasing, the main aim is to spend as much time on it as you need to for it to be useful each day.

Getting started with bullet journaling is as simple as buying a blank notebook and a pen. There is a lot more information about the method at

I bear testament to the way in which keeping a bullet journal can significantly improve your overall wellbeing. Not only has it helped me plan and compartmentalise my chaotic schedule, but it has also allowed me to integrate creativity into many aspects of my daily life.

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