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Trueperella abortisuis causing abortion in pigs in Scotland

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SRUC VS disease Surveillance headlines, April 2019

  • Rickets in Scottish blackface hoggs wintered on dairy farms.

  • Oxalate nephropathy in zwartbles lambs.

  • Pathological fractures in gilts following weaning.

  • First report of porcine abortion due to Trueperella abortisuis.

The mean temperature for April in Scotland was 1.4°C above the long-term average. The north west was much warmer than usual but temperatures were closer to normal in the east. Most regions had a dry, sunny month.


Parasitic diseases

A group of housed 18-month-old Limousin-cross heifers were reported to be dull and diarrhoeic. Following purchase in January the buyer was informed that they had been treated for worms and fluke, but the product used was unknown.

Four faecal samples were submitted and no worm eggs were detected in three. A low strongyle egg count of 200 eggs per gram was detected in the fourth. Two blood samples were received from animals with negative egg counts, and pepsinogen results were significantly elevated at 6.3 iu/l and 3.7 iu/l (reference <1.5 iu/l). This was considered consistent with abomasal parasitism and a diagnosis of type 2 ostertagiosis.

Doramectin was administered and, within a short period, the animals were observed to be brighter with improved appetites.

Generalised and systemic conditions

Inverness diagnosed malignant catarrhal fever (MCF) in a one-year-old Luing heifer with a history of malaise, inappetence, tenesmus and pyrexia. Only one animal from the group of five was affected. It failed to respond to symptomatic treatment, developed bilateral corneal opacity, and was euthanased for postmortem examination.

About this report

This monthly summary is produced for Vet Record by Scotland’s Rural College Veterinary Services (SRUC VS) and is based on reports from its centres in Edinburgh, Perth, St Boswells, Ayr (Auchincruive), Dumfries, Aberdeen, Inverness and Thurso and in collaboration with the Moredun Research Institute.

SRUC VS monthly reports are available online at from the first of every month.

Erosions were present on …

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