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Temple Grandin to speak at BVA Congress

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Temple Grandin believes that to identify welfare problems on a farm, it must be viewed through the animals’ eyesRosalie Winard

By Alexia Yiannouli

Temple Grandin has a very simple approach when it comes to identifying welfare problems on farms and fixing them – she views the farm through the animals’ eyes.

The pioneering American animal welfare scientist has devoted her professional life of over 30 years towards developing engineering and management solutions designed to make life better for animals.

Almost half of all cattle-processing facilities in the USA and Canada have adopted her centre track restrainer (a conveyor belt machine that reduces stress at abattoirs by holding the animal in a comfortable and upright position) and curved loading chute (a mechanism for humanely moving cattle from one part of a facility to another, geared around their natural behaviour).

She attributes her …

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