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Certificates must only be signed if welfare is OK

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By Josh Loeb

The Federation of Veterinarians of Europe (FVE) is warning its members not to sign export health certificates for consignments of live animals – unless they can be sure of good animal welfare en route.

The organisation, which represents veterinary bodies from 40 countries, including the UK, suggested vets could be held criminally liable if they sign but animal welfare in transit is uncertain.

The intervention, which came earlier this month as a ship from Kuwait docked in Romania to collect some 70,000 live sheep for transport to the Middle East, is regarded as highly significant by welfare campaigners.

The sheep were due to be slaughtered for a religious festival, and senior figures in the EU had – in vain – urged Romania to halt the transport.

If the FVE’s call is heeded, it would likely spell an end to all live exports from Europe to countries …

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