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Neutering complication rates released

The latest small animal neutering complication rates have been released, as well as the first ever benchmarks for rabbit neutering, on the RCVS Knowledge’s vetAUDIT website.

The figures for spays and castrations in dogs and cats are similar to last year’s, indicating neither improvement nor deterioration in treatment quality across the practices included in the audit. Rabbit data have been recorded for the first time, although the small sample size limits the inference that can be taken from the numbers.

In total, just under 40,000 cases were included in the data.

Standout benchmarks include:

  • More than 15 per cent of animals suffered an abnormality related to the operation, with around half of these requiring medical treatment or surgical intervention.

  • 75 per cent of neuters were free of complications.

  • In cats and dogs, …

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