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Spreading word of the Practice Standards Scheme


Josh Loeb reports on a new drive from the RCVS to demonstrate to the public the benefits of using a practice with accreditation

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We think it’s important that RCVS-accredited practices receive the recognition they deserve

An innovative new digital storytelling campaign was launched last week with a trio of videos highlighting the strong bond that vets and vet nurses at practices accredited by the RCVS share with their own animals.

The campaign, ‘Veterinary care from your kind of vets’, aims at raising awareness of the RCVS Practice Standards Scheme (PSS).

It does this, says the college, by demonstrating to the public ‘that their animals will receive veterinary care from empathetic practice teams committed to delivering the kind of veterinary care they would want for their own animals.’

The videos, tailor-made to be shared by veterinary professionals and practices on social media, tug at the heartstrings by showcasing moving tales of empathy and kindness, involving animal adoption, rescue and rehabilitation.

They also highlight why opting for an accredited practice offers extra reassurance.

In one video, vet nurse Scout Pedley (pictured), talks emotionally about her experience of finding an abused Staffordshire bull terrier cross in ‘such a really bad way’ in a park. She took home the dog, which she named Roo-Bear (or Roo for short).

At the time of finding her, Pedley recalls, Roo ‘had mange, she was emaciated, her body condition score was just awful.

‘She had no fur. You could see her spine and her ribs, and she was just sort of hobbling – so straight away I went over and saw her, and she just looked absolutely terrified.’

Pedley adds: ‘It was just from that moment I thought, I really want to take you home and make you better.’

In the video, she goes onto describe how she is ‘proud’ to work at an accredited practice and would always choose a practice of this type for Roo’s care for extra ‘reassurance and peace of mind.’

In another video, vet Aarti Hogan talks about her rescue cat Monkey and explains why choosing an accredited practice means clients ‘can be confident that whichever clinician they see, whichever member of staff they see, that we are working towards the same standards.’

In the coming weeks and months more such shareable material will be released by the RCVS to try and raise public awareness of the PSS and the benefits of choosing a PSS practice.

Mandisa Greene, chair of the Practice Standards Group, said: ‘In order for a veterinary practice to be accredited under the PSS, it needs to demonstrate that it is meeting a broad range of stringent standards and undergo a rigorous independent assessment every four years.

‘However, we know that awareness and understanding of the scheme among animal owners is relatively low and that there is always more we can do to help change this.

‘We think it’s important that RCVS-accredited practices, which go through a great deal of effort and work to achieve their accreditation, receive the recognition they deserve, and we hope that they will help us to spread the word far and wide.’

As well as three case study videos, the campaign webpage ( also features a shorter video explaining more about the scheme and what it means for owners and their animals. More resources will be added to the webpage throughout the campaign.

Anyone wanting more information about the campaign should email yourkindofvets{at}

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