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Showcasing veterinary innovation
  1. Adele Waters

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Have you ever had an idea that could improve veterinary practice or one that has already turned from an idea into a reality?

Perhaps you know someone whose innovation has brought about a change or improvement in some aspect of veterinary practice?

This week we are re-launching the Vet Record Innovation Award and we’d like to know about as many of those ideas as possible.

The award, which recognises excellence and innovation within the veterinary world, is open to individual vets and vet-led teams.

This year we have enhanced the prize. Shortlisted applicants will get the chance to pitch their idea before a panel of experts and an audience of industry chiefs, venture capitalists, private equity investors, investment bankers as well as academics, start-ups and service providers at the Animal Health Investment Europe forum in February next year.

If you win, not only will you receive the Vet Record Innovation Award, with associated coverage in the journal and profession-wide recognition, but there is a very real chance of getting financial backing and industry support to turn your seed idea into a reality or further develop your product for market.

In 2015, Vet Record awarded its first innovation award – to David Smith and colleagues at Moredun Research Institute for Barbervax, a vaccine against the roundworm Haemonchus contortus. It truly represented innovation, being the first commercially available defined antigen vaccine for any nematode parasite of any host. It also solved a real world problem – the worm can be fatal to sheep and goats, and is often resistant to the anthelmintics used to treat it.

It also demonstrated the exciting, innovative work going on in the veterinary sector – so we look forward to seeing this year’s applications.

Vet Record is proud to champion and drive innovation in the veterinary space

Vet Record is proud to champion and drive innovation in the veterinary space. We want to champion those innovations that have brought about – or have the potential to bring about – a change or improvement in any aspect of veterinary practice.

Animal Health Investment Europe is an investment forum with a global audience of around 550 delegates.

Showcasing the most exciting investment opportunities in animal health and nutrition, it is unique in that it connects those businesses with financial investors and strategic corporate partners.

At next year’s conference, 50 per cent of presenting businesses will be focused on companion animals and 50 per cent on production animals.

As well as running investment pitches, the conference includes keynote presentations and hosts CEO-level panel discussions that address the trends and market dynamics of the animal health industry, across all species.

The award represents the veterinary profession with a valuable opportunity. We welcome a broad range of innovative ideas and developments. They could be physical or digital products, a clinical innovation in medicine or surgery, or a process or initiative that has changed how the business of veterinary practice is conducted, for example. We don’t want to be too prescriptive, the important thing is that the innovation is about improving veterinary practice in some way.

To find out more about the award and the application process, go to, where you will also find the online application form. Good luck to all our applicants.

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