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Feeding cats raw mice
  1. Conor O’Halloran
  1. Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Science and Roslin Institute, Division of Infection and Immunity, University of Edinburgh, Easter Bush Campus, Midlothian EH25 9RG
  1. email: conor.o%E2%80%99halloran{at}

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I read with interest a news article – Why don’t we feed cats raw mice? – that mentioned a presentation I gave at the recent OV conference (VR, 5 October 2019, vol 185, p 386). As many readers will be aware, in the past year our team has diagnosed over 150 cats in the UK with Mycobacterium bovis infections which, along with other reported cases of raw foodborne disease, has raised significant concerns regarding the safety for both pets and owners of raw food diets in the UK.

The news article was based on a question asked at the discussion panel …

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