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How prevalent are bacterial infections in guinea pigs?

S. Roberts-Steel, J. A. Oxley, A. Carroll and others

Animals (2019) 9

doi: 10.3390/ani9090649

• What did the research find?

In total, 39.3 per cent of owners reported that their pet guinea pig(s) had been clinically diagnosed with a bacterial infection. Upper respiratory tract infections were the most commonly reported (47 per cent), followed by urinary tract (15.5 per cent) and gastrointestinal (11.7 per cent) infections. Owners generally had good knowledge of husbandry practices, and there was no significant effect of owner knowledge on the occurrence of bacterial infection.

• How was it conducted?

An online questionnaire, consisting of 30 questions, was completed by 524 guinea pig owners between October 2016 and January 2017. Participants were asked to provide information on the clinical history of their guinea pig(s), particularly regarding any diagnoses of bacterial infection. In addition, participants were asked to rate their knowledge of guinea pig health, husbandry and bacterial disease transmission. The data were then analysed to determine …

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