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Why don’t we feed cats raw mice?

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By Josh Loeb

There is a case for feeding cats raw mice, a vet and academic researcher specialising in infectious diseases has suggested.

Conor O’Halloran – a sceptic about raw feeding – told delegates at the official veterinarian (OV) conference last week that small rodents were the natural prey of cats and, therefore, might be considered a superior raw food source (compared with pork, beef and venison).

He was speaking at a presentation about so-called ‘biologically appropriate raw feeding’ (BARF) diets.

Such diets – which typically involve feeding cats and dogs raw meat, bones, skin and organs – are increasingly popular with owners who believe this constitutes a more ‘normal’ or ‘natural’ diet for their pets.

However, O’Halloran said this belief was not rooted in scientific proof, ‘especially when we’re talking about feeding cats species that they wouldn’t actually eat in the wild’.

Your domestic moggy is probably not taking down wild boar in …

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