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Feline disease
Feline mycobacterial infections
  1. Jordan Mitchell,
  2. Danielle Gunn-Moore and
  3. Paul Burr
  1. Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies and The Roslin Institute, University of Edinburgh, Easter Bush, Midlothian EH25 9RG
  2. Biobest Laboratories, 6 Charles Darwin House, The Edinburgh Technopole, Milton Bridge, Penicuik, Midlothian EH26 0PY

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Feline mycobacterial disease is highly prevalent within Great Britain1,2 and there is increasing awareness of these infections, especially following the recent outbreak of Mycobacterium bovis tuberculosis in cats, associated with feeding a commercial raw food diet.3 Investigations into this outbreak are ongoing.

We would like to thank all veterinary surgeons who have contacted the Companion Animal TB team at the University of Edinburgh and who have provided samples, and to the owners who have consented to share their pet’s data and blood remnants. One of the major developments in recent years has been the commercialisation of the interferon-γ release assay (IGRA)4,5 by …

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