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Mycoplasma suis can be transmitted vertically in pigs

J. Stadler, S. Willi, M. Ritzmann and others

BMC Veterinary Research (2019) 15

doi: 10.1186/s12917-019-2001-y

• What did the research find?

Mycoplasma suis was detected on 76.2 per cent of the farms included in this study, with 31.3 per cent of all the sows tested being positive by PCR. Overall, 14.4 per cent of the presuckling piglets tested were PCR-positive for M suis, with piglets born to M suis-positive sows being significantly more likely to test positive than those born to M suis-negative sows. No significant difference in birth weight was observed between M suis-positive and negative piglets. However, M suis-positive farms had an average of 0.41 more stillborn piglets per litter than M suis-negative farms.

• How was it conducted?

Blood samples were obtained from 10 clinically healthy sows on each of 21 piglet producing farms in southern Germany. In addition, blood samples were collected from three piglets of each sow before their first intake of colostrum. The …

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