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Kennel Club to limit ‘hereditary clear’ status

THE Kennel Club is to change its registration process to prevent multiple generations of dogs being registered automatically as free from carrying genetic material linked to an inherited disease.

At present, the club’s registration system assigns ‘hereditary clear’ status to a dog if its parents are known to be clear of a particular inherited disease, either because they have been DNA tested as clear or because they have hereditary clear status themselves.

However, dogs may be given a false hereditary clear status, for example if laboratory protocols fail, or mistakes are made in recording their parentage. The error may only be noticed several years later when an inherited disease manifests in a litter of puppies.

A recent Kennel Club study found that the rate of dogs with false hereditary clear status could rise considerably over a fairly small number of generations, particularly for more common genetic conditions.

As a consequence, …

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