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Tripping the reset switch


Simon Toye and his wife, who is a vet, are just back from a trip through Asia. He says it was a journey that bolstered their wellbeing and left them better equipped to deal with the pressures of veterinary practice.

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‘My wife and I have just returned to the UK after spending eight months backpacking through 12 countries in Asia. It was kind of an extended honeymoon but, truth be told, it came at the right point. My wife had been a practising vet for a number of years and was falling out of love with the profession. We both needed a change and are so glad we took the plunge. We wanted to enjoy our time, not live by a predetermined schedule or be worrying about the next step. It was a complete release of any pressures, anxieties or issues that had built up while working.

‘Anyone who is thinking of embarking on a similar trip, I will say only this: go for it, you will not regret it. We’ve never been the most “normal” couple, in fact we have always been on the more unconventional side of life. Still, this trip was the single most influential thing to aid our wellbeing we have ever experienced. It changed us as individuals and as a couple. It was as if we had hit a reset button and repaired all the cracks that had appeared in our mental states.’

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