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Telemedicine – the threat in the opportunity
  1. Iain Richards, BVSc, CertVA, CertSHP, MVetSci, MRCVS

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Iain Richards is an independent veterinary consultant at Lakesvet Consultancy, based in Heversham, Cumbria

Since the RCVS held an Innovation Symposium in 2017, there has been wide coverage of telemedicine in the veterinary press, mostly commending the overall concept. This is broadly welcome; undoubtedly telemedicine has the capacity to greatly enhance veterinary care. But, there are some aspects that sadly represent an abrogation of that care.

It is important to consider what, precisely, is meant by telemedicine, because within the current debate, the term is used somewhat loosely. At its simplest, telemedicine is no more than an extension of the use of the telephone. Anyone who has had a pony owner call them regarding a cut leg would be grateful for the ability to view the location of the wound and decide …

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