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Hi-vis jackets – the antidote to panda love
  1. Nigel Taylor, BVetMed, DipVetMed (Guelph), MRCVS

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Nigel Taylor is a locum vet and consultant vet for the University of Exeter

What’s the collective noun for a group of pandas?

Now, I’ve sat in the Mastermind black chair, taken five Eggheads to a tie break and been chased penniless from a TV studio by the Governess and Bradley Walsh, but, trust me, there’s nothing more embarrassing than fluffing an animal question in your local pub quiz. After all, vets are meant to know all things animal, aren’t they?

A wrong answer means you’ll have more in common with the cuddly black and whites than you realise – for a group of pandas is an ‘embarrassment’.

Intriguingly, Edinburgh zoo has been trying to encourage their resident pandas, Sunshine (Yang Guang) and Sweetie (Tián Tián), to breed and …

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