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Parasitic gastroenteritis and pasteurellosis dominate Scottish surveillance diagnoses

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SRUC VS disease Surveillance headlines, November 2018

  • High losses as a result of parasitic gastroenteritis in easycare gimmers.

  • Bibersteinia trehalosi responsible for pasteurellosis cases in sheep.

  • Deaths due to ruminal acidosis in weaned beef calves following housing.

  • Focus on rumen fluke diagnoses in Scotland.

  • Fatal enteritis caused by Yersinia pseudotuberculosis in a red deer calf.

November 2018 was dry and sunny in north-west Scotland but wetter than average in the south west. The mean temperature was 1.3°C above the 1981–2010 long-term average; rainfall was 97 per cent of average and sunshine 121 per cent of average.


Nutritional and metabolic disorders

The carcase of a four-year-old Ayrshire cross cow was submitted to Ayr after two high-yielding cows from a group of 56 were found dead in a 48-hour period. A total mixed ration consisting of grass silage, barley, whole crop wheat, soya, beet pulp, bicarbonate and minerals was supplied, together with concentrates fed to yield in the parlour.

Other animals in the group were noted to have watery faecal consistency and subacute ruminal acidosis was suspected.

Postmortem examination detected multiple pulmonary abscesses measuring 0.2 to 7 cm throughout the right lung. Adhesions had formed between the lung, thoracic wall and pericardium, and endocarditis lesions were found on the left atrioventricular valve. Further adhesions were present between the liver and diaphragm and infarcts were noted in both kidneys.

Taken together with the history, the findings suggested the possibility of bacteraemia secondary to episodes of ruminal acidosis. The rumen pH of 5.3 supported this hypothesis and a review of the diet was advised.

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