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Canine surgical AI now a prohibited procedure

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By Josh Loeb

Canine surgical artificial insemination (AI) has been banned.

The decision means that any vet who performs this type of assisted reproductive intervention could be held to account by the RCVS disciplinary committee and struck off.

Unlike transvaginal AI or transcervical AI – which entails the use of a catheter to administer semen – surgical AI involves general anaesthesia and making an abdominal incision to insert semen directly into the uterus.

The procedure has long been a source of controversy as it is a relatively invasive means of achieving an end that could potentially be achieved, albeit probably with a lower success rate, via less invasive interventions or naturally.

It has been performed in the past in reproductively challenged breeds such as bulldogs which then regularly have to undergo caesareans to give birth. Online videos of surgical AI being performed have been circulating, highlighting the controversy …

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