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Discrimination in the vet profession

BVA is seeking feedback on incidents of discrimination

The BVA has launched a questionnaire to gather information on incidents of discrimination in the veterinary professions.

The association is seeking anonymous feedback from all vet professionals regarding events where they have witnessed discrimination or felt discriminated against.

The survey includes questions about discriminatory events involving the nine protected characteristics under the Equality Act and other forms of discrimination which might not fit under these characteristics (eg, weight, socioeconomic background).

It was developed with the support of the British Veterinary Ethnicity and Diversity Society and British Veterinary LGBT+.

The questionnaire is open until 2 March and can be found at

Scotland consults on animal welfare

The Scottish government has opened a consultation to seek views on proposals to strengthen the enforcement of animal welfare legislation.

It is proposing increasing the penalties for animal cruelty offences; enabling secondary legislation to …

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