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A ‘welcome improvement’ for revalidation

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By Josh Loeb

Changes to the revalidation system for official veterinarians (OVs) were announced last week.

The period of time between renewals will be four years for all qualifications

The APHA has made a series of changes for all OVs engaged in work ranging from TB testing to the certification of animals for export (see box). They will be introduced following a review that commenced in October.

Box 1:

Changes to OV revalidation

  • The period of time between renewals has been standardised to four years

  • The two-month window for revalidation submissions has been extended to six months, creating a greater degree of flexibility

  • The ungulate exports OCQ is to be reviewed after concerns that the equine element of this module was difficult to fulfil/irrelevant in cases where the applicant did no equine work

  • Candidates …

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