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The British Equine Veterinary Association has presented the 2018 Sam Hignett Award to David Rendle for his research into a novel treatment for equine Cushing’s disease, also known as pituitary pars intermedia dysfunction. Rendle – a specialist in equine medicine at Rainbow Equine Hospital, North Yorkshire – investigated a new unlicensed formulation of pergolide presented as a palatable paste for use in horses that do not tolerate, or do not respond to, treatment with the licensed product. His paper, which he presented at the 2018 BEVA congress, outlined the difficulties of administering tablets to horses, particularly when the dose required is only a fraction of a tablet and also explained that horses respond better to treatment if smaller amounts of pergolide are administered twice daily rather than once daily. The new pergolide formulation overcomes these issues by allowing accurate administration of very small volumes of molasses-flavoured paste. To become licensed, the new formulation will need to go through a registration process involving larger and more robust investigations of safety and efficacy to build on this initial pilot study.

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