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RCVS delays vote on voting

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By Josh Loeb

A proposal to turn all votes into ‘secret ballots’ was discussed at last week’s RCVS council meeting.

The development would mean that no one would know who voted for what.

But a decision on whether to adopt the plan has been delayed after one council member called on the college not to ‘fear transparency’.

Council meetings are generally held in public, and votes at such meetings – apart from those conducted in closed sessions and elections for some senior positions – have traditionally taken place in public via a show of hands.

In recent months RCVS council members have voted on numerous issues of concern to the profession, including whether to proceed with a trial of remote prescribing and whether to approve the creation of a new certification support officer role before Brexit.

However, the default convention of holding all votes in public changed last summer after someone (the RCVS has not revealed who) requested that the council temporarily move to a …

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