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Preparations for no-deal Brexit ramped up

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By Josh Loeb

The scale of defeat for Theresa May’s Brexit deal suggests a no-deal Brexit is an increased likelihood, BVA president Simon Doherty said this week.

MPs voted 432 against and 202 for the deal, which would have established a transition period of at least 21 months during which negotiations on setting up a UK-EU trade agreement would take place.

Under Article 50 the UK is legally compelled to leave the EU on 29 March 2019 – regardless of whether a deal is approved. Therefore, unless parliament can agree an alternative, or unless the government cancels or extends Article 50, the UK is set for an automatic no-deal departure.

This week’s defeat, the largest in the history of the House of Commons, led veterinary organisations to declare that they are redoubling efforts to prepare for a no-deal Brexit.

A no-deal Brexit will have a profound impact on …

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