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Equine disease surveillance: quarterly update

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Equine disease surveillance headlines

  • Round up of equine news

  • Summary of UK disease surveillance for January to March 2019

2019 marks 15 years of quarterly equine disease surveillance reports by Defra, the Animal Health Trust (AHT) and the British Equine Veterinary Association (BEVA).

The addition of national disease surveillance reports for horses, ponies and donkeys to those already produced for farmed livestock and wildlife was part of a UK government commitment to enhance veterinary surveillance, described in a strategy document published in 2003.

The equine disease surveillance reports aimed to bring industry and government together to collate anonymised quarterly information on the numbers of diagnostic tests performed and to discuss positive results obtained for specified equine infections and disease syndromes arising from the broad network of diagnostic laboratories that serves the equine industry in the UK. The intention was also that these data would be accompanied by more in-depth discussions of unusual cases and outbreaks, current issues of concern for equine health and welfare and promotion of research findings of relevance.

In the 15 years of production, the quarterly reports have notified and reviewed a wide range of endemic, re-emerging and exotic disease threats, some of which have been subsequently realised in the UK – the confirmations of equine infectious anaemia, contagious equine metritis and equine viral arteritis (EVA), all in 2012, being prime examples.

The first quarterly report for January to March 2005 collated data from 12 laboratories in addition to the AHT. By comparison, 30 or more laboratories now consistently contribute to the quarterly reports.

The team behind the reports extends its thanks to all those who have contributed to its content and production over the past 15 years.

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