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RCVS pushed to defend telemedicine decision

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By Georgina Mills

The BVA has expressed disappointment at the RCVS making a decision about telemedicine and remote prescribing behind closed doors.

In a press release issued this week, the RCVS said that council members had unanimously given the go-ahead for a ‘wide-ranging review’ of a number of key provisions of the supporting guidance to the Code of Professional Conduct. This includes the interpretation of ‘under his care’, which would have to be changed if vets were allowed to prescribe remotely via telemedicine.

The move follows previous council discussions about a potential trial to develop telemedicine in the veterinary sector, including remote prescribing. The RCVS said any trial of this kind would be postponed ‘for the foreseeable future and certainly until the conclusion of this review’.

Despite stating that the review would require wide engagement from all relevant sectors, …

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