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Being cutting edge – always right for patients?
  1. Nigel Taylor, BVetMed, DipVetMed (Guelph), MRCVS

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Nigel Taylor is a locum vet and consultant vet for the University of Exeter

These are the days of miracle and wonder.

Now, it’s not so long ago that we were still very much like James Herriot and Siegfried Farnon. Practices everywhere functioned like a type of cottage hospital. Whatever came our way, we were on it. Canine orthopaedics, feline abdominal surgery, a foaling here, a cow caesarian there. All in a day’s work. No logo-heavy, multicoloured scrub suits for vets back then, just the plain white coat of general practice. But these days white coats are so last century – so Herriot, darling!

It’s not just the professional clothes vets wear that have changed. With the recent rainbow explosion of colourful scrub suits have come the specialists. No mere …

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