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Outrage at treatment of pigs in China

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By Josh Loeb

Pigs may still be being buried or burnt alive in China as part of efforts to control African swine fever (ASF), animal welfare campaigners fear.

Footage appearing to show thousands of pigs packed into lorries being dumped into deep pits and covered in earth or set alight while still alive has prompted horror and calls for international efforts to help the country deal humanely with the epidemic.

Animal welfare groups have catalogued apparent cases of gross welfare breaches, although the precise provenance of the videos is unknown.

They appear to have been filmed by several different groups either in late 2018 or early this year and have been circulating around the world via instant messaging apps and on social media, drawing widespread condemnation.

Richard Pearson, a UK vet and president of the Pig Veterinary Society (PVS), told …

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