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Show animals should be vaccinated, say experts

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By Josh Loeb

The UK’s major dog and cat shows have differing stances on vaccination, with the Kennel Club allowing unvaccinated animals to attend its events but the cat equivalent organisation banning them.

The Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (GCCF), which runs the annual Supreme Cat Show, does not allow unvaccinated animals at its events under any circumstances.

GCCF confirmed all cats attending its events must be vaccinated with the relevant vaccines stipulated by the committee in charge for the breed concerned.

Signed veterinary proof of vaccination is requested as a matter of routine and is kept on file.

‘Cats are in close proximity and there are lots of them at a show – anything from 60 to a few hundred. We don’t want bad viruses spreading,’ a spokesperson said.

The Kennel Club, by contrast, is more equivocal. It does permit unvaccinated dogs at its events, such as Crufts.

Its regulations state that owners must not bring any dog that has ‘contracted or been knowingly exposed to …

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