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Fulfilment at work
  1. Ebony Escalona, BSc, BVSc, PhD, AHE, MRCVS

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Ebony Escalona is a veterinary training adviser at VDS Training.

‘[As a vet] I could finally help pets how I had always dreamed. However, something was lacking . . . What an unsettling thought for someone who had knit her entire life’s identity with the singular goal of being a veterinarian. I cannot convey how difficult this notion was to process and acknowledge to myself, even more so to others.’

This is a quote from American vet Maranda Elswick in an open letter to the veterinary community posted on her website the Meowing Vet. Does this ring true for you?

It’s common throughout our career to find that work may no longer have the same fulfilling effect. Our sense of purpose is subject to change and is critical to our sense of fulfilment, and so it is important to note that:

  • Purpose is built, …

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