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Resistant bacteria persist in soil for over two years

G. Morelli, S. Bastianello, P. Catellani and others

BMC Veterinary Research (2019) 15

doi: 10.1186/s12917-019-1824-x

• What did the research find?

Higher bacterial concentrations and an increased prevalence of antibiotic resistance genes (ARGs) were found in the farm areas where cattle spent the most time, such as the feeding area. Although the bacterial concentrations and ARG prevalence were significantly reduced two years after the removal of the cattle, they were still much higher than those observed in control areas. It is not clear how long it would take for the ARG prevalence to reduce to control area levels.

• How was it conducted?

The study was conducted on a beef cattle farm, on which cattle were kept for seven years before all animals were removed. Soil samples from 26 georeferenced locations on the farm were collected before the cattle were removed, and then one year and two years after removal. Metagenomic DNA was …

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