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Dosing gun injuries result in deaths of cattle and sheep in Northern Ireland

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Northern Ireland disease surveillance headlines, January to March 2019

  • Dosing gun injuries reported in cattle and sheep

  • K99-positive colibacillosis in calves

  • Renal amyloidosis in a dairy cow

  • Fasciolosis in ewes

  • Actinobacillus suis infection in piglets

  • Cerebrocortical necrosis in a grey seal


Respiratory diseases

Respiratory disease was identified in 45 cattle postmortem submissions in Northern Ireland between January and March 2019. The most common pathogens identified included Mycoplasma bovis (14 cases), Pasteurella multocida (11 cases), Mannheimia haemolytica (10 cases), Haemophilus somni (three cases), bovine respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) (two cases) and Trueperella pyogenes (two cases).

Acute bovine respiratory disease was diagnosed in two four-month-old calves which had previously been vaccinated with a polyvalent intranasal respiratory virus vaccine at around 10 days of age.

On gross examination there were lesions of severe pneumonia present, with deep purple-coloured consolidation of the cranial and cardiac lobes; there was abscessation with green (plastic) or caseous pus present within the consolidated areas. Around 30 per cent of the lung field was affected in each case. The remaining parenchyma was pinkish-grey in colour.

Histological examination showed acute to subacute suppurative bronchopneumonia with bronchiolitis and lesions extending from the bronchioles into the parenchyma with pneumocyte necrosis and expansion of the alveolar walls with a mixed cell inflammatory infiltrate. Microabscessation was present and some lesions showed a small caseous core.

The histology was considered to be consistent with an acute bacterial pneumonia with likely M bovis involvement. H somni and P multocida were recovered from lung cultures and RT-PCR showed the presence of M bovis nucleic acid. Immunofluorescence was negative for respiratory virus antigen (RSV, parainfluenza virus 3, infectious bovine rhinotracheitis and bovine viral diarrhoea [BVD]).

The histology was considered to be consistent with an acute bacterial pneumonia

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This summary has been compiled by the Veterinary Sciences Division of the Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute of Northern Ireland (AFBI), and is based on diagnostic submissions …

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