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Is shechita really any worse than waterbath?

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By Josh Loeb

There is ‘little, if any’ evidence that a widely used mechanical system employed to stun poultry is more humane than the non-stun religious method of slaughter used by observant Jews.

That is the view of two experts on welfare at slaughter to whom the BVA looks for advice.

Steve Wotton, who has worked extensively in the field of livestock welfare, said ‘very little’ research had been done comparing the shechita slaughtering method with the electrical waterbath system from the perspective of poultry welfare.

He said: ‘The fact that I am not aware of any scientific evidence to suggest that non-stun slaughter of poultry is not humane does not mean that it is humane, just that there is little if any scientific evidence.’

Without evidence it is difficult to argue the case

He …

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