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Intelligence of our veterinary patients
  1. Nigel Taylor, BVetMed, DipVetMed (Guelph), MRCVS

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Nigel Taylor is a locum vet and consultant vet for the University of Exeter

Research from the University of Sussex informs me that horses prefer happy vets.

When shown photos of people looking either angry or happy, there was little equine indecision.

Confronted later by the folks in the photos, there was no doubt about it, the horses responded more positively to the smilers.

Horses are bright and can work you out in moments – and boy can they play you!

Of all our veterinary patients, horses can be the most challenging. I’ve always thought it pays to ‘think beautiful thoughts’ when it comes to working with horses. They are bright and can work you out in moments. And boy, can they play you!

I remember one morning, I was with …

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