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Bovine TB
Bovine TB strategy
  1. Trevor O. Jones
  1. Loughborough, Leicestershire
  1. email: farmlab{at}

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Few people read the laborious, reliable, scrutinised, published research on bovine TB (bTB). Government-appointed reviews have a much wider readership and are studied by politicians formulating national policy and media personnel who influence it. However, there is the danger of snippets of this published work being circulated by ‘Chinese whisper’ sound bites, and the original truth being lost. Many will accept the report to the Secretary of State for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs – Bovine TB Strategy Review (BTBSR) October 20181– as a benchmark compilation of current knowledge, rendering study of earlier publications unnecessary.

However, chapter 6 of the report – The disease in wildlife – contains the following, I believe, questionable material.

Paragraph 6.3: ‘Reactive …

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