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‘Should we test new grads?’ asks RCVS

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By Adele Waters and Josh Loeb

Newly qualified vets could be required to undertake and pass a series of assessments in the future to prove they are able to work effectively in clinical roles.

The suggestion is one of several measures being considered by the RCVS in a bid to boost graduate outcomes.

The college is concerned that recent graduates sometimes lack confidence in their abilities and do not always feel fully prepared for what their chosen job entails.

The current preparation system requires students to complete an extramural studies (EMS) programme and newly qualified vets to complete a professional development phase (PDP).

But according to RCVS education committee chair Susan Dawson, it is ‘not working brilliantly’.

Instead, Dawson said the college is suggesting a more structured PDP programme that could be delivered by practices which are, potentially, accredited and/or quality assured by the RCVS.

In an interview with Vet Record, she explained the thinking behind the college’s current consultation on graduate outcomes ‘Enhancing and supporting veterinary …

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