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Vets’ attitudes towards antimicrobial use in pigs

L. A. Coyne, S. M. Latham, S. Dawson and others

Preventive Veterinary Medicine (2018) 161, 115–126

doi: 10.1016/j.prevetmed.2018.10.021

• What did the research find?

Overall, vets were confident that their prescribing decisions were responsible. However, there was concern that the prescribing behaviours of other vets may be less responsible. Similarly, they seldom identified that treatment failure was a consequence of antimicrobial resistance in their own clinical caseload, but they considered it an issue for others. The decision on whether to prescribe antimicrobials was influenced by numerous factors relating to the vet’s experience and the clinical situation presented, but maintaining animal welfare was a priority.

• How was it conducted?

A questionnaire was distributed to 261 veterinary surgeons in the UK who had a clinical caseload that included commercial pig farms. This questionnaire aimed to explore participants’ antimicrobial prescribing behaviours, their attitudes to …

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