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Social media case has lessons for all vets
  1. Josh Loeb

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This week’s Vet Record contains a noteworthy cautionary tale in the form of a news report of an RCVS disciplinary hearing.

The subject of the hearing was Natalia Strokowska, a vet from Poland who has practised extensively as a locum in the UK.

Between October 2016 and August 2017 she posted six pictures of clients’ pets on social media without first gaining permission from the clients.

As the veterinary regulator, the RCVS investigated Strokowska’s behaviour, and the matter was eventually referred to the college’s disciplinary committee – an equivalent of a court where ‘charges’ against vets can be heard.

The RCVS’s decision to refer the case in the first place demonstrates its perception as to the gravity of the issue at stake. Its preliminary investigation committee only …

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