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Herriot’s way – not fit for modern practice

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James Herriot

By Josh Loeb

James Herriot is to blame for some clients expecting vets to carry out work free of charge.

That is the view of Sue Paterson, the new president of the British Small Animal Veterinary Association (BSAVA).

She said there was an unfair assumption on the part of some clients that vets’ connection with animals would lead them to carry out work free of charge and that this had led the public to erroneously view vets as a cost-free source of care for animals.

‘I think James Herriot is to blame because we’re all supposed to love animals and work for nothing, but we all run businesses,’ she said.

Paterson made the comments during a discussion about telemedicine at BSAVA’s congress earlier this month.

She also suggested that vets were selling themselves short by imparting free advice.

In the James Herriot series of books, Herriot – the …

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