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BVA council pushes for firmer stance on pay

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By Josh Loeb

The BVA is to demand that vets are paid a ‘professional salary that reflects the value of their work’.

The demand will be made in a fresh position statement on vet pay and immigration this year.

The move follows some criticism that the association was not sufficiently critical of low pay (VR, 5 January 2019, vol 184, pp 4-5).

In December the BVA issued a press statement criticising the proposed introduction of a £30,000 pay threshold for all EU workers, as suggested by the Migration Advisory Committee in its advice to the Home Office.

At the time the government said it wanted to control immigration post Brexit and, at the same time, create a level playing field for all migrant workers (the £30,000 threshold already applies to non-EU citizens obtaining a work visa).

In response the BVA warned that creating such a threshold could …

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