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Worried about a colleague?
  1. Ebony Escalona, BSc, BVSc, PhD, AHE, MRCVS and
  2. Rosie Allister, BSc, BVSc, MSc, MRCVS

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Ebony Escalona is a veterinary training adviser at VDS Training.

Rosie Allister is a Vetlife Helpline manager and a researcher at the University of Edinburgh.

We’ve all had situations where we’ve worried about a colleague or have had someone worry about us. As an empathetic profession, connecting with and supporting others is part of our daily work, and that includes looking out for colleagues. Alongside concern around veterinary suicide rates, which are known to be three to four times the rate seen in the general population, we know veterinary professionals face other challenges to their wellbeing, such as workplace stress or mental health problems. Veterinary professionals often find it hard to ask for help, so how can we reach out and help when we are worried about someone?

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Take any distress seriously

There can be pressure in our industry – that we place upon ourselves or that we receive …

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